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Louis Gergaud

Travel Specialist

About Louis

My mother snuck me out of school to accompany her on a work trip to Fiji when I was nine years old. Men in skirts? Beach rugby! The numb feeling in your mouth after taking a sip of kava, coral reefs and the cry of the jungle. My passion to travel fluttered to life. After finishing school, the Far East and Australia beckoned. Hanging out in beach bars after a day in the surf off the east coast of 'Oz' – or quietly pondering life in the cool air, perched high up on the edge of a rice paddy in the hills of Sappa, I was hooked. I realised this is perhaps what I should do: sell travel. So here I am... planning the next trip.

Talking points

What's your favourite destination?

Denver, Colorado

Which destination is top of your bucket list, and why?

The Cook Islands for some deep-sea fishing

How many languages do you speak?


Which five items do you always pack when travelling?

Waboba Skim Ball, portable speakers, sunscreen, a camera and a book

What's your top travel tip?

Take it slow