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Elizabeth Patch


Where did your love of travel come from? 

I was lucky enough to be born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla. The idyllic backdrop to my childhood was a collection of icing-sugar beaches and world-class hotels where A-listers could hide in plain sight. This slice of paradise, one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands, is now gaining popularity with thrill-seekers as the warm breezes and calm waters of Cove Bay are ideal for kite surfing, paddleboarding and sailing. Starting my life in such blissful surroundings shaped my view of the world and sparked my passion for sights and sounds further afield. As I grew up, I became ever more charmed by the lure of travel, adventure and discovery. When I was 18, I set off with my backpack and headed East immersing myself in the culture of India, Asia and Australia and haven’t looked back since. I have discovered so many hidden gems which I love to share with my clients.

Top recommended ultra luxury experience?

The coolest passport will take you inside the Arctic Circle to experience a close encounter with a wolf in this winter wonderland. I would recommend taking over the ultra-exclusive Wolf Lodge with family or friends and allow your wildest dreams to come true. This Norwegian retreat inside Polar Park, an hour from Narvik, is the northern-most animal park in the world, stretching as far as the eye can see. But listen out and you’ll soon hear the howl of its most famous guests. I’m sure any dog lover would relish the chance to look into the amber eyes of these elusive animals in their snowy habitat. During your stay you will have a dedicated wildlife host and private wilderness guide, eager to take you on Arctic adventures. The icing on the cake is when night falls you could either find your suite illuminated by the midnight sun or reflecting the enchanting colours of aurora borealis, while the silhouette of a wolf will never be far away.

Ultimate dining experience?

Eat like a king or feast like a pharaoh? Beneath the colossal columns of Luxor Temple, you can enjoy the ultimate fine dining experience. For anyone looking to mark a landmark birthday or anniversary I can’t think of anything more memorable than sitting down to a celebration dinner within the walls of the world's greatest open-air museum. The Avenue of Sphinxes will herald your arrival into this orange-hued monument to the past. You can indulge in this private moment, away from prying eyes, with family or friends.

Hotel with the best service?

I have to go back to A&K’s roots and choose a collection of luxury lodges which span the plains of Africa. For the ultimate safari experience I think Singita leads the way as their attention to detail is second to none. The best locations, elegant suites, exceptional guides and unsurpassed safari experiences are their hallmark. One of my favourites is Singita Sasakwa in Tanzania. Built in the style of an English Edwardian manor, each cottage has a private veranda with a Swarovski spotting scope and a heated infinity plunge pool. You can almost see the curve of the horizon as you look out on the sprawling private concession rich with wildlife. It made me feel as if I had a wild stretch of Africa all to myself. I also loved the fact it welcomes children who can join their parents on stargazing safaris and mountain biking. I have some fabulous news for other fans of Singita, they are due to open their first properties in Rwanda. Singita Kwitonda Lodge and Kataza House sit on the edge of Volcanoes National Park where you can encounter the mountain gorillas that live in the cloud forests.

Best kept travel secret? 

One of my hidden gems is a cruise across the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. The guntû is a super exclusive 19-room floating hotel not well known in the western market but well worth knowing about. You can sail in absolute luxury from the moment you board this chic vessel named in honour of the little blue crabs caught by local fishermen. Each cabin comes complete with terraces offering views across the sea. One of my highlights was watching the sun rise over the sea from the open-air bath. And when it comes to dining, the guntû manta is: “What you want, and as much as you want.” From sushi to a sake sundowner on deck, experience a side of Japan not privy to most westerners.