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Heather Mutch

Sales Assistant
  • Tenure at A&K: since September 2023
  • 0203 814 0760 0203 814 0760

Where did your love of travel come from?

My Interest in travel flourished when I was granted a scholarship to America for one academic year. The scholarship was a fundamental moment in both my career and my interest in exploring the world. When I was in America I travelled to New York, Washington DC and Florida.  Although I grew up in a small Scottish town, I wanted to develop my knowledge of international relations and make new connections all around the world.  In 2022 I travelled to Kathmandu to trek to Everest base camp, however, due to cloud cover we were unable to fly into Lukla. Our guide recommended trekking to Annapurna base camp, another one of the highest mountains in the world  at 8,091 metres elevation. It was truly an incredible experience being surrounded by an immense mountain range which pictures don’t do justice. The people I met on the trek and our guides made the trip truly remarkable.

Top recommended ultra luxury experience

I have a keen passion for skiing and try to go every year with family or friends. Skiing is a sport that combines both ultra-luxury and a thrilling experience. The beautiful chalets and resorts surrounded by mountains are perfect for both families and individuals looking to relax. I have been lucky enough to ski in Austria, France and Italy and experience fine dining combined with great customer service which matches the breathtaking views. The resorts and chalets in the mountains deliver an oasis of calm between the sport.

Ultimate dining experience

As part of the British army, I have attended many formal dining events that introduced me to high-end cuisine and sophistication. I enjoy a dining experience where a fabulous atmosphere and exquisite food are paramount. Gleneagles in Scotland is a hidden gem for dining. The ultra-fresh food is locally sourced with beautiful kitchen gardens that grow herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Hotel with the best service

A&K has a close relationship with the OETKER Collection, providing hotels with the most desirable destinations, the tradition of European hospitality and Michelin-starred dining. The hotel collection all over the work has an authentic charm and is recognised as a timeless icon of elegance. I personally think that the Hotel du cap Eden Roc in Antibes – France is a masterpiece of glamour and tradition partnered with magnificent service. Aman is also another ultra-luxury brand which excels in simplicity and elegance. Aman properties are enriched in the culture, community and nature with discreet sanctuaries authentic to every geography.

A&K are supported by a knowledgeable, highly trained group of guides from all 7 continents, who pay close attention to small details. The guides connected through A&K are enthusiastic and are truly a part of the enchanting destinations.

Best kept travel secret

I was brought up on a Scottish farm in Aberdeenshire with cattle, horses and sheep, I worked on the farm from the age of eight helping my dad with the cattle. My parents would encourage me to leave my phone behind and explore the hidden areas where we lived. When travelling I enjoy going off the beaten track to get the most out of the scenery, wildlife and surroundings. I enjoy talking and connecting with new people when travelling and fully immersing myself in the culture. On occasion, the unplanned and unscheduled detours make for the best travel stories.