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Ella Edwards

Private Travel Sales Assistant

Where did your love of travel come from? 

After my first flight at 6 weeks old, I haven’t stopped since. Now, having travelled to over 30 countries, I truly have the travel bug. After my gap year traveling through Asia and Australasia, I completely fell in love with the numerous cultures I found myself encompassed in. Jumping on trains around Europe and flight-hopping between Borneo’s hotspots has taught me so much, and I aspire to share these memories and destinations with others who share a similar love for travel. Any long bank holiday weekend, you’ll find me jetting off around the globe.

Top recommended ultra luxury experience? 

A top luxury experience that jumps to mind is the absolute indulgent experience of charting a yacht and sailing between tiny quaint towns and booming cities, taking in the wonders of the sea and the beauty of the new and exciting destinations. My charter took me around the wonders of the Croatian waters, island hopping and being spoilt with delicious food, drink and entertainment. Whether you fancy an upbeat beach club or a hidden snorkelling spot, it is certainly a trip you won’t soon forget.

Ultimate dining experience?

The NOX Dining in the Dark experience in Singapore was truly special, making you tune into your senses and change the way you think about food. After dining in the complete pitch black, guessing what you had been served was part of the fun. I couldn’t believe it when I didn’t recognise the taste of a tomato.

Equally, another ultimate dining experience I must mention is the stunning lunch setting of eating in a waterfall. Owned by generations of the friendliest Croatian family, providing a hearty meal of all you can eat hams, cheeses, bread, and as much wine as you can devour whilst the trickling waterfall runs between your toes, is a memory I will forever cherish. 


Hotel with the best service?

The Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles first comes to mind when thinking about fantastic service. From the moment I entered, the bustling city behind me fell away and I was whisked up in the luxury and beauty of this gorgeous hotel. From the get-go we were treated impeccably, even lucky enough to be offered a room upgrade. The rooftop pool was a fabulous place to unwind after a day of sightseeing, met by a gracious host, greeting you by name and even remembering your preference of sunbed from the previous day. The restaurant and bar didn’t let me down either. The scrumptious breakfast was served in an indoor-outdoor style dining room, allowing you to soak up the sunshine. As soon as you were seated your preference of coffee was bought over without even having to ask. If you are looking for a relaxing hideaway in a lively city, I couldn’t recommend this enough.

Best kept travel secret?

An island not known by many has to take my top spot for best kept travel secret. Turtle Island, a short boat ride away from beautiful Borneo, allows you to live the dream of hatching baby turtles and releasing them into the sea. After a traditional-style dinner, you will be waiting excitedly for the turtle arrival bell to ring before heading outside for the arrival of the mother turtles, wandering onto the beach almost every night of the year. After the collection of the brand-new eggs, the mothers wade back into the sea, but the excitement doesn’t end there. My favourite part of the experience was staring in awe at the hatching eggs, before taking the newborn turtles to the sea front and releasing them into the ocean.