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Travel is a precious commodity, to be planned carefully 

This annual trip planner is curated by our travel specialists whose expertise spans the length and breadth of the globe. They know the best way to experience the world, wherever and whenever you want to. With our collection of extraordinary experiences, tailor-made tours, ultra-luxe accommodation options and flight offers (highlighted where applicable), your dream holiday is never far away. From African savannahs to crisp polar wonderlands, the world offers myriad unforgettable experiences across all four seasons. These seasonal trip planners highlight some of our favourite places to inspire your next adventure, whether it's a relaxing beach getaway you desire, a marvellous safari expedition or a fascinating city break. Spice up your yearly travel plans and make this holiday one you'll remember for a lifetime.

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Where to book now

Chosen for their availability, popularity and outstanding experiences, these remarkable destinations are best booked now in preparation for the ideal season.

South Africa 

Start planning your luxury family holiday to South Africa now – with opportunities to spot the Big Five and sleep under the stars, South Africa will always be one of our most popular destinations for the whole family. Discover luxury lodges, malaria-free camps and cosmopolitan Cape Town. Most of our top accommodation provide a range of activities for children and adults alike.

Antarctica & Arctic

Book your place on our once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse cruise as spaces are limited, or if you can’t wait until 2021, enjoy one of our top expedition cruises to the Antarctic or Arctic in 2020. Witness some of the most rugged and challenging landscapes on the planet. Amid desolate frozen landscapes survives an amazing diversity of wildlife. And you’ll be there in the thick of it.

Southern England

With restrictions being lifted and local businesses throwing open their doors, now is the time to book a late-summer holiday to Southern England. The vast sweeping sands of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset possess all the right ingredients for a joyous family holiday. Relive those most precious childhood memories amid the sun, surf and sand of England’s favourite coastal regions.


Remember what real coffee tastes like? Book that longed-for trip to Italy and the locals will welcome you in their own inimitable way. From Venice's palazzo-lined canals to Tuscany's Renaissance showstoppers. From Rome's honey-stoned grandeur to the ancient ruins of the south. The romance of Italy will come flooding back.

Where to go in August 2021


Not usually remarkable for clement weather, Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is potentially mild and sunny in July. A perfect time, then, to explore Iceland's extraordinary landscapes. There are few places around the world that showcase the awesome power of Mother Nature with such intensity.


Summer in Canada is bear-spotting season, from the black, grizzly and spirit bear of the Great Bear Rainforest to the polar bear of Manitoba and British Columbia's noble grizzly. After hibernating through the winter, these Canadian residents are ready to welcome the summer sun. 


The Great Migration sees millions of zebra, wildebeest and other grazing animals move steadily across the Serengeti in Tanzania towards the Masai Mara in Kenya – and back again. The annual spectacle is a brilliant opportunity for nature enthusiasts to see the circle of life unfold on the plains of Africa. They congregate in the beautiful Masai Mara – an area covering nearly 600 square metres – in their millions making summer the ideal time for an exciting Kenyan safari.


By the summertime, Russian snows have been seen off by sunny days and warm, comfortable evenings. This is fantastic for sight-seeing holidays as more daylight means more time to explore fascinating cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg. Open-air markets hum with activity in the warm weather and the area is alive with local street music.

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