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Spring is a beautiful, fragrant season. Nature awakens, and the world comes alive with colour. With young ones away from school at Easter, this is the ideal time for a family adventure or a romantic getaway following the extravagances of Christmas. Leave the rains of the British springtime far behind you and set off in search of the sunshine. 

From the lush rainforests of Costa Rica to the fragrant spice fields of India and South East Asia, your perfect spring holiday awaits. Our suggestions below are by no means exhaustive, and merely showcase a handpicked selection of our favourites. While they are all incredible year-round holiday destinations, this season is a particularly special time in each. If you're looking for spring holiday inspiration, then you're in the right place. 


The sport of rugby union is considered a symbol of Welsh identity and an expression of the national consciousness. Spring is Six Nations season, when the Welsh do battle with the old adversaries. And it's a fine time to visit the country; excitement and expectation pulses through the towns and cities. Continue the high pulse rate with white-water rafting in Snowdonia. Gentler pastimes would include salmon fishing in the River Usk, bird watching on Skomer Island, and walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path where the hedgerows will be bursting with flowers. There is no better day for a feast than on Saint David's Day, falling on 1st March.


Springtime in Japan is just glorious. Cherry blossoms flourish across Tokyo and Kyoto, filling the cities with sweet-smelling petals. This candyfloss backdrop makes for unforgettable holiday photos, especially in the early evening as the sun sets over the horizon. Head to the mountainous town of Takayama to enjoy stunning views of the scenery as you stroll among the lovely cherry trees. Spring is a time for cultural celebration in Japan with many festivals held across the country including the Omizutori festival in Nara, the unique Naked Man festival and Hōnen Matsuri, dedicated to fertility. 

South West USA

A place of extraordinary beauty all year round, America's South West bursts into life during the spring. Vibrant wildflowers peek their heads above the desert dust, their varied colours complementing the beautiful red rocks and pastel-blue sky. An exciting American adventure awaits in this picturesque desert landscape, home to five fantastic national parks, numerous mighty rivers and one of the world's greatest natural wonders – the Grand Canyon. Head out on historic Route 66 or hike the rugged mountains trail to explore the best of the South West. Expect unforgettable cultural experiences, intriguing local history and rare desert wildlife.


Indian spring is characterised by warm weather and verdant tea fields. Animals venture out once the chills of winter have vanished, making this a great time of year for incredible wildlife-watching experiences. India's lush national parks offer prime tiger-spotting opportunities – lookout for flashes of orange between the long grasses. Other residents include elephant, leopard and rhinoceros, making this a perfect location for a springtime safari. Another way to explore the Indian scenery is on a relaxing river cruise along the Ganges. Unwind to the sounds of the rushing current against the sensational backdrop of the rugged Himalayan skyline.

Costa Rica

Tropical temperatures mean that Costa Rica is pleasantly warm all year round and in springtime, the dry season is perfect for outdoor exploration. Verdant rainforest walks, lazy afternoons on the velvet sand and snorkelling along the Caribbean coast – these experiences and more are yours to enjoy in the golden sunshine. The immaculate cloud forests near Monteverde are home to tapir, sloth, and an impressive array of colourful reptiles and amphibians. There are many ways to absorb these stunning views – on horseback, from the hiking trails or even up above on a thrilling zip-line. 


Our springtime coincides with South America's autumn, so a visit to Chile at this time of year promises a beautiful burnt orange landscape and less of a tourist buzz. The Winelands, however, is alive with activity as an exciting wine festival programme kicks off across the region, a highlight of which is the Grape Harvest Festival in Curico. If you're looking for an intimate wine-tasting experience, the Casablanca Valley is the perfect place to sample world-famous flavours and explore lush vineyards. For a unique excursion, head to Chile's southern tip to discover Patagonia's glaciers and enchanting mountain vistas.


Temperatures start to pick up as spring hits China so expect warmer weather and bright, clear mornings. City life begins to hum with the influx of fresh seasonal produce as the paddy fields are transformed into a shimmering emerald blanket. This is a golden opportunity to savour the spectacular scenery in the Yunnan Province, a picture-perfect wonderland home to snow-capped mountains and glittering lakes. China's waterways promise an exciting adventure in springtime; head out on the mighty waters of the Yangtze or take a cultural excursion to learn about China's rich cultural heritage and the historic Silk Road.

South-east Asia

Spice trails, diverse cultures and deep-rooted spirituality – South-east Asia has everything you need for a spring awakening. The rushing rhythm of the mighty Mekong Delta is an unforgettable experience. Cruise this vast network of rivers, stopping in at lively markets, floating villages and picturesque pagodas. Another hidden gem is Phuket Island, located just off the coast of Malaysia where you can swim in crystal ocean waters, stroll along the smooth sand and hike through enchanting leafy landscapes. Warm weather makes the coastal regions just perfect for a beach getaway. With so many superb destinations, a multi-centred trip is by far the best way to explore.

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