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This seasonal planner showcases the best summer holiday destinations. After a chilly winter and a rain-soaked British spring, you owe it yourself to celebrate in the sun. So, why not do it in style? Specially selected by our travel experts, these locations are simply fabulous throughout the year, but in the summer, they outshine the rest. Whether you're searching for your dream safari, the glamour of the French Riviera, or something extra-special, this collection of spectacular summer holidays has it all. Enjoy stunning scenery, fantastic food and a range of opportunities to relax and rejuvenate. Bask in the sunshine and enjoy some of the most beautiful summer scenery on earth. 


This is the perfect time to explore the stark Skeleton Coastline of Namibia. While the weather is still hot you can capture this wild landscape - punctuated by shipwrecks and bleached whalebones - during a photographic safari. As the weather begins to cool down, you can visit Etosha National Park at its quietest and most intimate. Also discover Ongava Game Reserve, a wildlife habitat which is attached to the park. This is also a great time to hike through the arid hills of Kunene, home to the nomadic Himba people. In July head to sun-baked Damaraland renowned for its rugged flatlands and dusty mountains or you can hike through Okonjima Nature Reserve which sits within the awe-inspiring Omboroko Mountains.

Malaysian Borneo

This is the most comfortable season to visit tropical Malaysian Borneo and enjoy the luxury hotels, beautiful beaches, orangutan sanctuaries and wonders of nature. Borneo is the third-largest island in the world, bordered by three countries including Malaysia. This is the perfect time to experience the idyllic beaches of Penang and Langkawi to the iconic skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, as the temperature drops along with the rainfall. From the capital, you can travel to the verdant rainforest of Taman Negara National Park. Enjoy the cooler temperatures in the tea plantations, orchards, and golf courses of the Cameron Highlands. Malaysia Borneo is an ancient jungle paradise, teeming with exotic wildlife from orangutans to proboscis monkeys, and home to remote tribal communities which are becoming increasingly hard to find in our modern world.


Travel to the islands of Indonesia from June and enjoy clear sunny skies peppered with the occasional shower. Bali and Lombok offer the best weather during this time. July marks the peak month to combine beach escapes, cultural tours, wildlife watching, and diving adventures. Head to Komodo Island named after its resident giant lizards. Vesak Day takes place at this time of year which celebrates Buddha’s birth, death, and enlightenment. Travel to Borobudur on Java, the largest Buddhist monument in the world. From here you can experience a thrilling sunrise ascent of steaming Mount Bromo. 


Italian summer is a thing of beauty. Think lush vineyards and olive groves, charming coastlines fringed with azure waters, and delightful villages bathed in a golden glow. There's no finer way to spend an evening than sipping a fine Tuscan wine while enjoying an outdoor opera over exquisite countryside views. The warm Italian sunshine is best enjoyed on the incredible beaches of Sicily and Sardinia. Home to picture-perfect white sands and crystalline waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkelling, these islands are also renowned for their rich cultural heritage and outstanding culinary offerings. 


Summer in Canada is bear-spotting season, from the black, grizzly and spirit bear of the Great Bear Rainforest to the polar bear of Manitoba and British Columbia's noble grizzly. After hibernating through the winter, these Canadian residents are ready to welcome the summer sun. Pick up some fishing tips from these mighty predators before reeling in a few yourself at one of Canada's vast lakes. Sunny days and clear skies make this the perfect time for a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer. This train takes you above the clouds on an unforgettable tour of western Canada and the mighty Rockies.


With Peru's celebration of independence taking place in July, summer is undoubtedly a lively time to visit. Festivals kick off across the country including the colourful Inca Festival of the Sun in Cusco and the Virgin of Carmen off the tourist track in picturesque Pacartambo. Enjoy delicious street food, dance to local rhythms and savour the buzz of the Peruvian party atmosphere. The Inca trails and Machu Pichu offer an entirely different experience altogether. Step into history as you follow in the footsteps of the Incas and stand atop this magnificent mountain, looking out over the lush landscape.


Summer is a remarkable season wildlife-watching season in Kenya as something momentous occurs – The Great Migration. One by one, each species sets out on a long journey to the mighty Mara River, the only remaining waters source left at this point in the dry season. The wildebeest are first in July followed by lion, aardwolf, crocodile, hippo and bat-eared fox among others as the dry heat continues across August. They congregate in the beautiful Masai Mara – an area covering nearly 600 square metres – in their millions making summer the ideal time for an exciting Kenyan safari.


As the wet season in the Amazon comes to an end, June temperatures in Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls are likely to be high, and you will also experience a warm and dry climate in Sao Paulo, a city packed with attractions. Brazil’s dry season brings cooler weather to the south of the country, while the Amazon Rainforest is warm and ideal for searching out wildlife. You can track jaguar and look out for sloth and tamarin overhead. Enjoy a jungle safari in a 4x4 or on horseback with an experienced guide. The beaches of North Brazil are ideal for exploring at this time of year. Festivals include the huge Gay Parade San Paulo, as well as Tomorrowland – an electronic-music festival – and Festa Junina, a religious festival celebrated throughout the country. Throughout August, the water levers are at their lowest in the Pantanal, making their wildlife easier to find. In the colonial city of Paraty, the Festival de Cachaça is a huge celebration dedicated to the Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane. 

South of France

The moment the curtain rises on Cannes Film Festival is when the sun-drenched Côte d'Azur stretching from Monaco to Marseille comes alive. With its breath-taking landscapes and crystal-clear waters, the French Riviera is also the gateway to the fragrant lavender fields of Provence. The area’s Provençal charm is best in the cool hillside villages of Grasse and Valbonne. Now is the time to experience the shimmering coastline at its best. Take a boat trip to the jet-set enclave of St Tropez or while away the hours at a quintessential pavement café in Nice. Alfresco dining will be on the menu during balmy summer nights when you can sample the world-famous bouillabaisse washed down with a glass of champagne. 

Greece Beach

Experience island hopping at its best when you visit Greece during the sizzling summer months. You’ll find white beaches shaded by pine trees, sun-bleached ruins, and the warm waters of the Aegean. From the country’s capital of Athens, home to the Acropolis and Parthenon, hop on a boat and you will discover a myriad of islands from Crete to Mykonos and Santorini with some of the best beaches in the world. Rhodes offers excellent diving and is perfect for those wanting to spend time in or out of the water. Head to the Peloponnese and you will find the gently shelving Voidokilia beach which is ideal for families and a haven for sea turtles.

Portugal Beach

During the hot summer months, the temperature of the Atlantic, which laps the shoreline of Portugal, is much warmer. This attracts surfers to ride the waves along with sunseekers who just want to relax on the long golden beaches and golfers who want to enjoy the views. While many people visit the coastal cities of Porto and Lisbon, it is the Algarve that draws people to its beautiful beaches and championship golf courses. From broad golden sands to small and sheltered coves, this is the ideal spot for a family holiday. Portugal’s world-famous vineyards and idyllic fishing villages offer an alternative to a beach day. In July and August, the Algarve comes alive with festivals. A highlight of the season is Faro’s Festa da Ria Formosa – a seafood festival that can be enjoyed with a glass of port wine from the Douro Valley. 

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