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4 - 13 October 2019


14 maximum

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10 days

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Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent®


Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent® – Ethiopia by Air: Danakil & Beyond

The vast distances of Ethiopia and Kenya will shrink before you on this Inspiring Expedition. Private helicopter flights will make possible an itinerary packed with unforgettable sights and encounters rarely experienced by other travellers. Chief among these is a visit to the Danakil Depression, one of the most alien and inhospitable environments in the world and a landscape of eerie beauty. In neighboring Kenya, you’ll touch down in Lokichogio near Lake Turkana. You’ll fly down the western side of the lake, stopping to meet traditional Turkana fishermen, and stay at the very cradle of humankind on the floor of the Rift Valley, where crucial discoveries about human origins were made.

Trip details

  • Explore the iconic churches of Lalibela and the extremely remote and near-inaccessible high mountain rock monasteries of legend
  • View the Danakil Depression, the hottest place on Earth and an otherworldly vista of sulphur springs, acid lakes, steaming vents and giant salt pans
  • Experience unscripted, one-on-one cultural encounters with the Afar people of Danakil, as well as the tribal peoples of the Omo Delta
  • Journey to the ancient city of Axum, known for its stellae (carved stone obelisks) and as the reputed resting place of the Ark of the Covenant
  • Fly over desolate lava landscapes and have an opportunity to stop and swim in some shallow freshwater pools before landing on Silale Crater, a vast caldera with spectacular views


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