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November - June

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A chance to see rare turtles nesting in Costa Rica

With its unique network of natural waterways leading out to the sea, a Tortuguero tour offers you the opportunity to explore rainforest, mangroves, wetlands and coastal beaches. And if you come at the right time of year, you might even see one of the natural world’s rarest sights – green sea turtle nesting on golden beaches.

Tortuguero National Park on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast is a wonderful place for turtle watching in Costa Rica. See these creatures come ashore at night to lay their eggs and hatch their young. It’s a carefully protected habitat, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t cause the turtles and the surrounding landscape any harm.

There are carefully managed night tours to see green sea turtles are from July to September. Leatherback turtle may also be seen from March to June. During daylight hours the National Park’s vivid coastal rainforest provides an amazing display of wildlife, such as alligator, iguana and monkey. There’s myriad of birdlife on show here too.

There are many Tortuguero adventures waiting for you, including the opportunity to see turtles nesting in Costa Rica. Let us help you organise the best season and location for your visit to this incredible National Park.

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