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Cairo, Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada

Explore ancient wonders along the Nile

To discover the ancient wonders of Egypt, a Nile cruise offers an unforgettable experience. Revive the magic and romance of a bygone era as you take in views much unchanged for thousands of years, aboard one of our exclusive Sun Boats.

With our Nile cruise holidays, you’ll be able to see some of the region’s most important sights, in ease and comfort. Our fleet affords privacy, exclusivity and an unrivalled sailing experience. The standard of service on board, the quality of food and our private docks are all part of why our Nile cruise holidays are so special.

Each Sun Boat has an Arabian-style sun deck and a refreshing dipping pool, perfect for a little relaxation after a morning exploring the ancient temples. For something a little more private you can sail on our fabulous dahabiya. These traditional Egyptian sailing boats glide gently along the Nile using only the wind, or flow of the river, to propel them.

Our Nile cruises operate between Aswan, once a colonial hub for the English and Luxor, ancient city of Thebes and home to the Valley of the Kings. Ranging between three, four and seven nights, the cruises all include a range of fascinating shore excursions. You’ll be accompanied by one of our Egyptologists as you explore the temples, benefiting from their specialist knowledge and insider access.

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