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A rocky peninsula home to nomadic tribes and world-class diving

Take a Musandam peninsula cruise and you’ll discover a unique landscape of vast and steep rocks jutting out to the north from the Arabian mainland towards Iran. Separated from the rest of Oman by a tribal decision in the late 1960s, Musandam remains an isolated and remote region that’s known for its stunning fjords. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a genuine travel adventure.

The journey starts in Khasab, the main town on the peninsula and only linked by road to the rest of the region in 1980. Explore the few other towns and villages that cling to bays at the foot of near-vertical rock walls that soar to over 2,000m. From here, you have great access to the deep fjord-like channels cut into the rock. It’s the perfect playground for divers and for exploring by dhow.

Our guides will lead you inland on mountain roads that are a relatively new addition, with villages historically linked by a network of footpaths. These villages are settled by the region's semi-nomadic Shihuh tribe, who make a living farming goats, terraced fields and fishing. Our well-connected Musandam peninsula tour guides will give you great access, letting you meet these hospitable people who live in a way found in few other places on earth.

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