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Of all the things that make Latin America so special it’s perhaps the wildlife, in all its wonderful variety, that sets this continent apart from the rest.

The Amazon

Spanning nine countries, the Amazon rainforest covers nearly 5.5 million square kilometres of lush, dense, wildlife-rich jungle. Home to 10 per cent of the world’s known species, a trip here will give you the opportunity to see big cats, colourful birds, giant reptiles and more than 2.5 million types of insect. And the Galápagos Islands – renowned for their unique and fearless animal inhabitants – should be on every wildlife-holiday bucket list.


At the opposite end of Latin America, the southern tip of the Andes Mountains gives way to the frozen ocean surrounding Antarctica. One of Earth’s last frontiers, the Great White Continent is a place like no other. An expedition cruise will bring you close to fur and leopard seal, blue whale, giant albatross and vast colonies of chattering king penguin.

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