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Spring is a time of gorgeous blooms and longer, warmer days. It’s the perfect moment for a honeymoon getaway, and there are as many idyllic destinations as fresh flowers to pick.

How about a little romance in the heart of Africa? A springtime visit to Morocco promises warm temperatures, and its coastal spots are lush and green thanks to the past winter’s rainfall. Curl up together and watch the setting sun in this breath-taking North African destination.

Whilst the Northern Hemisphere shakes off the winter chill in a riot of blossom, the Southern Hemisphere turns autumnal red and gold. Australia is best in these equinoctial months, when the weather is comfortably warm and the landscape is full of colour – there are few better backdrops to a March-May honeymoon than Down Under. Alternatively, it’s off-season over the ocean in tropical Fiji, so you can walk its golden sands hand-in-hand in relative privacy.

Hemmingway wrote that when spring comes, there are no problems except where to be happiest –  and he was spot on. When deciding where to spend your springtime honeymoon, you’re truly spoilt for choice. At A&K, our honeymoon specialists can advise you every step of the way.

Australia & Fiji honeymoon

If you have the luxury of a little more time for your honeymoon, the long flight to Australia will reward you with enveloping landscapes, cool cities, chic hotels and idyllic beaches

Cambodia & Thailand honeymoon

Immerse yourself in the mysteries and culture of South East Asia with a honeymoon in Cambodia and Thailand

Chile, Argentina & Brazil honeymoon

If you have plenty of time to play with, a honeymoon to more than one country can provide interesting contrasts and insights often missed on shorter journeys

Ecuador & Galápagos honeymoon

Start married life in the company of some of the most fantastic animals and ecosystems on the planet, with a cruise around the Galápagos Islands

Indonesia honeymoon

Sailing the Indonesian archipelago is a magical way to begin the next chapter of your life with your loved one

Morocco honeymoon

Just a short flight away, Morocco feels like another world. The country is a superb choice for a honeymoon, whether you spend a few days or a few weeks

This is just a flavour of what we can offer. Our honeymoons are tailor-made to your requirements. Speak to a travel specialist about planning your honeymoon and find more inspiration on our luxury honeymoons page.