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How to experience the wonders of the world

Experience the wonders of the world in the most exclusive ways. Here are our top 11 wonderful experiences.

Only one of the original Seven Wonders of the World remains but there is still so much to marvel at. Whether you chase the Northern Lights in Iceland’s dramatic snowscapes or take a heli-selfie with Rio’s Christ the Redeemer, see the most extraordinary places on the planet in the most exclusive ways. Not only will you come away with unforgettable memories, but you’ll rack up an enviable Instagram feed. Here are our top 11 wonderful experiences:

Petra by candlelight

Jordan’s rose-hued city, Petra, is an architectural marvel, and it’s all the more beautiful at night. Prepare to be stunned as you view the rose-red city by candlelight. As you wind from the Siq all the way to the Treasury, the route will be illuminated by thousands of flickering candles. 

View the Great Migration

Experience one of the greatest natural spectacles on earth; over 1.5 million wildebeests thundering through Tanzania’s Serengeti. Follow the herd from a specially-adapted vehicle for ultimate 360 views.

Walk Victoria Falls

Explore the Zambian side of Victoria Falls on a private walking tour. You’ll get close to its clouds of spray, kaleidoscopic rainbows and thundering cascades aptly named: ‘The Smoke that Thunders’.

Sicily’s Greek Temples

Displaying architectural beauty comparable to that of Rome, Sicily’s ancient Greek complex will leave you gasping. Explore with an expert who can point out the most handsomely preserved artefacts and Homeric temples.

Chase the Northern Lights

Take to Hella in Iceland, one of the best spots in the world for chasing the Northern Lights. A dedicated guide will help you hunt the aurora borealis. Plus, you’ll have a chance to spot its ethereal light with a high-powered telescope.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Explore the ruins of Pompeii and its crumbling opulence with a historian by your side. Then climb the active Mount Vesuvius where at the summit you can capture the seductive Amalfi coast. You couldn’t ask for a better backdrop.

Descend into a volcanic crater

It’s not every day you can say you’ve travelled by lift through a volcanic crater into a magma chamber. Iceland is the only place where you enter a once magma-filled chamber in an open cable lift and view its mind-boggling multicoloured rock.

Luxor’s Ancient Temples

Trace the footsteps of the pharaohs on a guided tour of Luxor’s awe-inspiring temples. Make the most of Egypt’s most elaborate tombs with the insight of a historian, an expert in the field.

The Pyramids of Giza

The only surviving structures of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, exploring at the Pyramids of Giza is a jaw-dropping experience. An Egyptologist will then help you discover treasure in Cairo’s museum including Tutankhamun’s famed Death Mask.

Heli-Selfie with Christ the Redeemer

Is this possibly the best view in the world? Take the ultimate selfie with Brazil’s iconic Christ the Redeemer from the heights of a helicopter ride. While most tourists take pictures from terra firma, you’ll get snap happy from an unrivalled pilot’s view.

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

Discover Grenada’s underwater sculpture park, an incredible collection of 65 sculptures. Snorkel or dive around human forms and still life scenes submerged in azure water. Don’t forget the GoPro.