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Be awed by one of the world’s natural wonders

The Iguaçu (or Iguazú) Falls, bordering the southern states of Parana, Argentina and Paraguay, are probably the most impressive sight in Argentina and Brazil. Considered to be one of the natural wonders of the world, they’re made up of a chain of hundreds of waterfalls spanning nearly 3km.

Our tailor-made Iguaçu tours allow you to experience the falls up close, and the more adventurous can even witness this natural spectacle from the skies on a private helicopter flight.

As well as the falls themselves, Iguaçu National Park has a lot to offer. During your visit, you’ll experience a rainforest teeming with unique and colourful flora and fauna. The vegetation in the surrounding area is incredibly lush. It's a superb location for bird-watching, as well as being a hotspot for huge numbers of butterfly and orchids.

The landscape in the south changes to become subtropical, with pines rather than palms. Here the terrain is more rugged but very fertile. It is in the south that Brazil's grain is grown, where the gauchos live and where the cattle herds roam.

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