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Argentina’s hidden gem

Argentina is rich with world-famous holiday destinations, but if you head out into the far north-west corner of the country you’ll find an unknown gem. Salta and the North West is a region of spectacular natural desert that stretches out beneath glorious blue skies.

The area of Salta itself is particularly magical. Known by the locals as ‘La Linda’, which means ‘the beautiful one’, Salta is home to a series of deep valleys, each with its own tropical climate. This means that Salta and the North West boasts an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, with an especially dazzling selection of bird species on display.

It is also home to the Socompa, the Llullaillaco and the Tridente volcanoes, which are all currently inactive. With the monumental Andes as a backdrop to the east, the landscapes here are a photographer’s dream.

There’s plenty to do for adventure seekers too with hang-gliding, trekking, rafting, fishing and walking all on offer. Alternatively you may choose simply to be inspired by the natural beauty of Salta's flora and fauna or even visit a vineyard to sample the excellent wines.

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