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Five fantastic things to do in the Maldives

Our A&K travel specialists share five of their favourite experiences in the Maldives, from diving deep to romancing on the beach.

The Maldives is a collage of coral reefs, azure waters and pristine sandy beaches lying low in the Indian Ocean. Between the luxury resorts and the uninhabited islands lies an ocean filled with the most mesmerising marine life. Whale shark on their annual commute, manta ray swirling through feeding frenzies, green turtle returning home to lay and an array of wonderfully bright and blossoming reefs.

There are many amazing experiences to be had in this beautiful country, as I recently discovered first-hand. Here are my five favourite things to do in the Maldives.

Swim with stingray


Stingray are very common visitors in the Maldives, regularly spotted swimming underneath water-side villas, along the edge of the beach and gliding through the shallow bays in front of the islands. Most resorts allow you to swim with and feed these captivating, docile creatures – it’s a great family-friendly activity. The country’s crystal-clear waters offer more than sublime marine life, though; paddle board, windsurf, kayak and more around the pristine shoreline and lagoons of this attractive archipelago.

Romance beside the sea


With its soft, sandy beaches and spellbinding scenery, this beauty spot will sweep you off your feet – but it’s also the perfect place to be swept off your feet. There are myriad romantic experiences to be had here, whether it’s stargazing with trained astronomers, sunset yacht excursions to spot dolphin or dining on sand spits in the middle of the ocean. It’s no mystery why the Maldives is such a popular destination for honeymoons (and proposals).

Surf in paradise


The Maldives boasts fantastic surfing conditions, as well as some of the most picturesque surf spots. You can launch from one of the many islands’ sandy shores, or take a boat further out to enjoy secluded breaks in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Peak surf season here is between April and October, and the Four Seasons Resort Maldives hosts a thrilling surfing championship in August. 

Dive the deep blue sea


Whether you’re a beginner or a dab hand at diving, the Maldives’ world-class dive centres provide everything you need to explore underwater. Whale shark and manta ray can be spotted year-round in certain areas, and five species of sea turtle call this place home. My favourite experience here was diving with green turtle along the edge of a reef; seeing these endangered animals up-close was unforgettable, as any diving holiday in the Maldives is sure to be.

Preserve this mecca of marine wildlife


The Maldives comprises 1,190 coral islands, so you’re never far from the ocean and all of its natural wonders. But the delicate ecosystems beneath the surface face myriad challenges, from overfishing to climate change. During your holiday, experience the importance of conservation and eco-friendly living in the Maldives, with activities for all to enjoy. Learn to build rafts from fallen palms, or about the ocean and its wonderful creatures. Plant new corals in the nearby reefs or herbs in the organic gardens. Monitor green turtle nests and, if needed, help relocate the little hatchlings to their new home – the ocean.



Feeling inspired? You can visit the Maldives as part of a Dubai & the Maldives city and beach break. Experience everything cosmopolitan Dubai has to offer, then relax at a five-star resort on a secluded Maldivian island. Speak to one of our specialists today to find out more.