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Eleanor Tancock

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Amman, Jordan

Dine with a Jordanian family in their own home. Savour the authentic cuisine and learn about life from the leading lights in this close community.  This is a fabulous opportunity to taste some authentic culinary creations, each new course is sure to delight. Your host is likely to be a key figure in the country’s contemporary culture such as a politician, economist, writer or charity activist. 

Jordanian cuisine is full of surprises. As well as all the Mediterranean classics such as falafel, humous and couscous, you may also experience dishes like mansaf, moutabel and shawarma. There is a huge variety in the cooking styles practiced here. You can enjoy spit-roasted or rich tomato-based meat dishes, dips made from aubergine and Jordanian herbs as well as some fantastic mezze or Arabic-style salads. 

A relatively liberal country, you needn’t worry too much about Jordanian etiquette. Though learning some local greetings may stand you in good stead. You may also wish to bring a gift to the table, such as some sweet pastries or other dessert treats.